Global Division

Valente pagani

The GLOBAL division of VP Advisors specializes on the theoretic and practical development of International Programs and their logistics.

The FORMATIVE ones, include participating in congresses, classes, fairs, seminaries, exclusive workshops and a wide range of related activities.

On the BUSINESS segment, they are focused to enhance professional, industrial and trading opportunities from the most diverse branch of the economy. They include trainings, business roundtables, potential customers and vendors meetings, fairs participations, industrial and technological poles visits, schedule organization, market and sector analysis, translate services, supported by specialized organisms, privates and publics.

The THEMATIC programs are oriented to combine tourist activities with the participation on first-line events, specialized on Formula 1, Moto GP, international shows and expositions, visits to companies and museums from the automotive sector. Our principal clients are Universities, Professional, Industrial and Commercial Chambers Companies, Institutions, Industries and private groups that want to experiment the benefits of a tailor-made trip.